QuickBooks Disconnected

Your QuickBooks integration has been disconnected. You will no longer to be able to send bills directly to your QuickBooks account from BuildX.

How to connect with QuickBooks Online again?

BuildX can only connect with QuickBooks Online. Currently we do not connect with QuickBooks Desktop.

Need Help?

If you need help, Schedule a call with support assistnat in BuildX.

Step 1


Go to getbuildx.com and Log In to your BuildX account

Step 2


In the Side Menu, go to Settings, and then go to QuickBooks Integration tab. Here click the "Connect to QuickBooks" button

Step 3


You will be redirected to a QuickBooks Log In Page. Sign in using your QuickBooks Credentials. If you're already logged into QuickBooks, it will automatically skip this step.

Step 4


Once you complete this setup, you will be redirected again to BuildX once the QuickBooks connection is complete.