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Know your Numbers.
Control Costs. Increase Profits.

BuildX is the easiest way to track costs & profits for every job, without spending hours on paperwork & spreadsheets.

"The Easiest way to track material & time costs."
Todd Peterson, Select Remodelling

Built specifically for

Job Costing Software for Contractors Free Trial | BuildX


Job Costing Software for Contractors Free Trial | BuildX


Job Costing Software for Contractors Free Trial | BuildX

Sub Contractors

Stressful tracking your Numbers?

It’s stressful and tedious dealing with receipts & spreadsheets.

If you do not keep track, you will lose money and profit.

BuildX automates job cost & profit tracking, helping you get control and make more money

BuildX Explained in 2 Mins

Success stories


"I saved $15,000 in the first 30 days of using BuildX and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get control of their finances."

Todd Peterson
Select Remodelling

"BuildX has given me so much peace of mind that my numbers are being tracked accurately. I can now focus on doing what I do best, which is getting my projects done."

Rodney Masters
ICE Contractors
Job Costing Software for Contractors Free Trial | BuildX

What BuildX Offers

AI Receipt Tracker

Know your job costs

Tired of dealing with receipts? Just ‘Snap’ receipts to know your costs & get organised (powered by AI)

  • Track material, subs & overhead costs

  • Find any receipt in seconds

Daily Budget Tracker

Increase profits & stay on budget

No more messy spreadsheets. Get a daily summary of actual costs vs. estimates for every project

  • Stay informed & control costs

  • Make better decisions

GPS Time Tracker

Accurate Time Tracking

Every minute on the job site is tracked accurately using GPS and auto clock in & clock out for crews

  • Know who’s on the job

  • Reduce 1-2 hours/crew/week

QuickBooks Integration

Reduce 75% Bookkeeping time

BuildX Seamlessly integrates and automatically updates all receipts, invoices & time entries to QuickBooks

  • Get updated books

  • Save bookkeeping time & money

Save time & get control over costs

Nail Your Numbers

Get control in under 10 mins in 3 easy steps and make the profit you deserve.


Free Trial

Sign up and get 14 days to see how easy it is to track your numbers



Use the BuildX app to snap receipts to know your costs per project


Real Time

Keep costs under control for every job, and make more money

Job Costing Software for Contractors Free Trial | BuildX

Support from
Real Humans

Dedicated Assistants ready to help on Video Calls & Chat. From account setup to tracking Budgets, we have your back!

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Know your numbers in under 10 mins a week. Save time, save money and increase profits.

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