We use to spend hours on excel and QuickBooks to process our bills, and manage our budgets. We our now saving 7-10 hours of back office work per week using BuildX.
Miguel Fernandez
Finance Controller at PWS Contracting
When you have several projects it's very tedious to keep track of costs. BuildX automates Budget tracking, giving instant visibility and control to manage costs & stay in budget
Rodney Masters
Owner at IC Builds

Scan Bills & Reduce data entry by 90%

Upload an invoice - AI begins reading the data and entering it in seconds, filling in vendor details and more

Online Approvals

Approve bills online, ensurnig accuracy & control over costs

Estimates vs. Actuals

Real time tracking of actual costs vs. budgets, without spending hours on excel

Vendor Payables

Get instant visibility into bills coming up for payment & vendor balances

Sync to QuickBooks

Save data entry time through auto publishing of bills, expenses, & payments

Manage your job costs in four easy steps


Streamlining Construction Finance

Builders & Accountants get instant visibility into finances, without the hassles of spreadsheets & emails

Save time & costs

90% data entry time reduced with AI Bill Scan

Real-Time Financial Visibility

Get Costs vs Budgets and vendor payables in a few clicks

Stay on Budget

Track budgets for every job in real time on a line by line item basis

Maximise Job Profit

Get alerts on budgets and close line items under budget

Made for Teams

Field & Accounts team get one view on bills, cost coding, approvals and budgets

Organised Doc's

Documents are automatically categorised & can be downloaded anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?


Yes. Our free trial covers one user. No credit card information is stored.

Can we migrate your existing projects into BuildX?


Our onboading team will help bring in data from excel or accouting software into BuildX. Even if you have several ongoing projects, we can get your data into BuildX for you

Is there support? 


With the paid plans, we provide exclusive 1:1 online support over phone, zoom, and chat

How do I download my data from BuildX?


Whether you need to download bill copies or data into excel, you can do it easily

How does it integrate with QuickBooks?


We have a Bi-Directional syncing system with QuickBooks. Which means your Jobs/Projects/Customers/Vendors/Cost codes get updated in both softwares without having to manually do it