Stop Losing Money & Time with AI enabled Receipt Tracking

Stop Losing Money & Time with AI enabled Receipt Tracking
Receipt Management

Ever feel like receipts are multiplying like gremlins in your toolbox? You're not alone. Keeping track of receipts is a major pain point for small contractors like you. Those tiny slips of paper hold the key to claiming your business expenses, but let's face it, they're notorious for disappearing.

Here's the harsh reality:

  • Lost Receipts = Lost Money: 7 out of 10 receipts fade into oblivion. This means you're potentially missing out on claiming a significant chunk of your business expenses. Think about all those materials you bought for the kitchen reno, or the gas you used driving to different job sites. Without receipts, you can’t get paid for these expenses, which means you lose money.  You also can’t claim tax deductions, now leaving you with a higher tax bill.

  • Paperwork Purgatory: We all know the dreaded "receipt organization" session. You spend hours sorting through crumpled paper, desperately trying to decipher faded ink. Spreadsheets become battlegrounds filled with numbers, and frustration builds. This time-consuming process takes you away from what you do best – getting the job done!

  • Higher Bookkeeping Costs: Bookkeepers are expensive. Having to waste time chasing receipts and then spending hours keying them in, is a waste of their time and waste of your money.
  • Tax Time Trouble: Come tax season, those missing receipts can turn into a major headache. The IRS needs proof of your expenses, and without them, you could face delays, penalties, or even audits.

There's a better way! Ditch the paper chase and embrace the power of the FREEAI Receipt Tracker in BuildX. Here's how it can transform your life (and your bank account):

Effortless Receipt Tracking & Organization: No more scrambling to find 

receipts or wasting time with manual data entry. BuildX automates the entire process. Simply:

  • Snap a picture: Use your phone's camera to capture a receipt anytime, anywhere.
  • BuildX AI takes care of the rest: The app automatically extracts key information like date, vendor, amount, and even categorizes it for you (materials, gas, tools, etc.). Imagine a filing cabinet at your fingertips, perfectly organized and accessible in seconds!

Find Any Receipt in Seconds: Need to find that receipt for that specific plumbing part you bought last month? No problem! Buildx’s powerful search function lets you find any receipt in seconds. Simply enter keywords like "plumbing supplies" or the vendor name, and BuildX will instantly pull it up. No more digging through piles of paper or sifting through endless spreadsheets.

Focus on What Matters Most: Buildx eliminates the time-consuming hassle of paper receipts. This frees you up to focus on what truly matters – growing your business and delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Here's how BuildX AI Receipt Tracker benefits you:

  • Know your Costs: Now just snap photos of receipts, and get an accurate cost summary of all your material costs, on a project by project basis
  • Reduced Frustration: Now, with a few taps on your phone, your receipts are neatly categorized and accessible in the cloud.
  • Find Receipts in Seconds: Powerful search functionality helps you locate any receipt you need instantly, saving you valuable time
  • Boost Efficiency: Eliminate the time wasted on tedious paperwork. Invest your time in what truly matters – your contracting business.
  • Reduce Stress: Say goodbye to the anxiety of lost receipts and the scramble come tax time. 

Maximize Your Profits:

  • Save Money: Stop losing money because you lost receipts and can’t claim money from clients. Now get paid for every single receipt & get every dollar you deserve.
  • Reduce Bookkeeping Time and Cost: Save 2-3 hours of bookkeeping time per week
  • Save taxes: Come tax season time, you can maximize tax deductions by making sure you can present all your receipts.

Take control of your finances today! BuildX AI offers an easy-to-use and secure solution specifically designed for busy contractors like you.

Sign up today at and experience the power of automatic receipt tracking. Remember, a little time invested in setting up receipt tracking can save you a lot of money, time, and frustration in the long run.

So, ditch the paper chase, embrace technology, and watch your business thrive!