How BuildX Automation Software can reduce bookkeeping time by 75% for residential construction

How BuildX Automation Software can reduce bookkeeping time by 75% for residential construction

BuildX is an automation tool for construction finance. It saves 75% time per week spent on bookkeeping.

It is designed specifically for the needs of  residential contractors & their back office team. It integrates with QuickBooks.

There are six key pain points in construction bookkeeping where BuildX can help save several hours per week.

  1. Document management  (90% time saved)
    Following up to collect bills & expense receipts can be time consuming. BuildX streamlines this process, ensuring documents are filed in the right projects and can be easily retrieved.

  2. Data Entry & Categorisation  (90% time saved)
    Manual data entry of vendor bills and expense receipts is very tedious. BuildX uses A.I. to automate this, doing the data entry for you, and ensuring each document is coded to the right project and cost code.

  3. Tracking Actuals Vs. Estimates (100% time saved)
    BuildX automates budget tracking. Any time, builders can see actual costs versus budget for any line item, across all projects, without having to spend hours on spreadsheets.

  4. Automating Vendor Compliance Management (90% time saved)
    No more chasing vendor compliance documents. Buildx shares alerts 30 days before any document expires, and automatically reminds vendors to share updated documents.

  5. Capturing Timesheets  (50% time saved)
    Instead of collecting & manually keying paper timesheets, BuildX provides a free time tracking tool, which ensures time entries are done in real time through an App & assigned to the right cost code.

  6. Change order management (50% time saved)
    Every project has change orders and tracking them can get messy. With BuildX's change order module, you can easily record and approve changes. In addition, it calculates the effect of each change order on the profitability of the job.

Depending on the number of projects and their complexity, on average BuildX has saved 15-30 hours every week, while ensuring books are accurate & up to date.

Bookerspers save time, and contractors get the right reports to take important project decisions.

You can start saving time immediately, by starting a free trial at